About Us

Who We Are

We are the industry leaders in making Cloth Playmats. Spearheading the Cloth Playmat market, GEM is located in the beautiful state of California where all competitive card games are in great popularity. Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering are played by thousands of players all across our state. Our small family ran business wanted to bring something new to the table, because rubber play mats just didn't cut it for us. Our goal was to give what the players asked for; reinvent the most valued card game accessories. We now make beautiful, high quality cloth playmats with vibrant colors and amazing designs!

Our goal is to make the best mat you have ever played on and elevate your game. 

Top Quality Fabrics


We carefully source and hand pick some of the highest quality fabrics available. GEM pioneered the current cloth playmat market in being the first to bring the "GEM Original" fabric to its customers. We also work very hard to find new fabrics to give you the best gaming experience. 

Top Quality Designs


The GEM design team consistently focuses on bringing some of the most appealing designs to its customers. Our designs are brought to life by some very talented artists from all over the globe. Our promise to make you stand out amongst the rest, and every time that is always our goal. 



We ship across the globe...simple. All our products are hand made, so production sometimes takes a little while, but we do our best to get the ordered product out in a timely manner.

Every order comes with a tracking number WHEN SHIPPED.

Can I Pre Order?

In short, no. (Unless otherwise stated on our product site)

Why Can't I See an Item on the Site?

Items on the site are the only items for sale at the time. We usually release designs early but will also have a release date as to when it can be purchased. When released, only then will the item appear on the site.

I need some help with my order!

Please message us on our Facebook page or send us an email to gemplaymats@gmail.com. Well do our best to help you out.

Can I Order a Custom Cloth Playmat?

Yes you can! 

What is the Mat Order Limit?

Generally we allow 2 cloth playmats per person/household. The amount does vary per mat design (like special edition partnerships) so be sure to read the description. Any over orders will be refunded immediately so please save us and yourself the hassle. 

Product Review

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Product Review

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Product Review

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